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If you ever look at this listing, please do yourself a favor and book when you see availability! This is really a place that goes above and beyond expectations. The hosts, Jeff and Cindy, are such a lovely couple - they put their heart and soul into this historical mansion, keeping its unique charm and bringing their own touches. While many places use minimalist modern design and showcase less is more, they have gone the opposite direction and demonstrate "more is more". Well-chosen decorations and furniture, fresh flowers, cute linens, craft beer, and champagne glasses, etc. Their artistic style (Jeff would like to give all the credit to Cindy in this case ;-)) really shines through in every single corner of the house. While talking to them, their passion for the place adds another layer of personal touch. If I may make the experience more comparable for you all, it is St. Regis (luxury 5-star hotel) + a ton of thoughtful decor + sweetest host ever!! We were lucky to stay there!"

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that there will never be the right words to describe The Abriendo Inn. I'll do the best I can: Magical. Enchanting. Breathtaking. Peaceful. Bucket list. Dreamy. Hidden. Renewing. Healing.
It's one of the Top 5 most incredible places I've ever stayed and I've traveled all over the world. The attention to detail is impeccable. Jeff and Cindy didn't miss anything when they restored this mansion. I honestly spent the entire morning in a state of gratitude because I had the opportunity during my lifetime to stay here. It's so amazing I offered Jeff my entire retirement in cash to buy it so I could spend the rest of my life in this enchanting space. He declined the offer, by the way, but not before we had a good laugh about it.
The mansion is expertly decorated, filled with warmth, love and is an other-worldly experience from check-in to check-out. From the moment you walk onto the front porch, whatever you're shouldering is gone - and we're all carrying something with us. You walk in the front door and for a brief moment in time, your troubles disappear and you spend hours hoping this experience isn't a dream.
I enjoyed a complimentary afternoon pudding cup and other snacks in a wicker rocking chair on the front porch. Bentley, the house dog, kept me company while I rocked in the afternoon breeze. Time stopped. Stress stopped. I was finally able to pause.
Jeff and Cindy spared no expense on the beds or the tiniest details throughout the Inn. I ate breakfast at the kitchen table while a yoga class was going on in the backyard. They play music on the main floor and the haunting voice of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" lulled me into a state of calm I haven't experienced in years. The Abriendo Inn is the reset of all resets. I'm already planning my return.
The morning of my departure I spent 3 hours in my room in complete denial that I was checking out. When I finally packed up and locked the door to my room I was met in the kitchen by Jeff and Cindy buzzing about with the daily routine of getting rooms ready for the next lucky guests. Cindy had prepared fruit bowls and supplies needed to Mickey Mouse waffles. Breakfast was served on Georgian / Victorian Blue & White plates - another detail that paid off with the aesthetic of the Abriendo Inn experience. Bentley was outside participating in the outdoor yoga class and some of my fellow guests were off to the state fair. The atmosphere was happiness surrounded by all-consuming melodies coming from the kitchen speaker.
There are colors on colors on colors. The crystal chandeliers invite rainbows onto the walls as the sun rises each morning. The furniture in the sitting room lures you into a creative state with peacock blue velvet fabric and jewel adorned fringe pillows. The stained glass windows are mesmerizing. You'll find yourself lost in floor creaks, candles, floral arrangements, soft lighting and crystal doorknobs. The winding staircase is expertly preserved and a privilege to climb.
The Abriendo Inn is located close to the Pueblo River Walk, Neon Alley, eclectic shops and restaurants. One night is here is not enough - book at least two and you'll thank me later. This place is magic - the kind of enchantment you feel when your body is at rest and you can sit quietly unbothered in a dream.
The Abriendo Inn resets your soul and you'll leave filled with gratitude for everything in your life that brought you to the Inn. There are no problems, worries, or concerns that can't be solved after a stay in this mystical mansion. Stay there with the hopes of relaxing for a few days and I promise you'll find yourself in a better place than when you arrived. If you're looking for magic, it's here.

Katye W.

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