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If you ever look at this listing, please do yourself a favor and book when you see availability! This is really a place that goes above and beyond expectations. The hosts, Jeff and Cindy, are such a lovely couple - they put their heart and soul into this historical mansion, keeping its unique charm and bringing their own touches. While many places use minimalist modern design and showcase less is more, they have gone the opposite direction and demonstrate "more is more". Well-chosen decorations and furniture, fresh flowers, cute linens, craft beer, and champagne glasses, etc. Their artistic style (Jeff would like to give all the credit to Cindy in this case ;-)) really shines through in every single corner of the house. While talking to them, their passion for the place adds another layer of personal touch. If I may make the experience more comparable for you all, it is St. Regis (luxury 5-star hotel) + a ton of thoughtful decor + sweetest host ever!! We were lucky to stay there!"


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